Write A Good Thesis Statement: How to Build a Solid Foundation For Your Research

Just like a tall building whose strength lies in its foundation, a good thesis statement can help strengthen your dissertation as you begin writing the draft and as you go through the rest of the research process. It may be quite difficult to write a good thesis statement if you do not have enough material on hand, so it would help a lot if you would look at some of the works of past students in your field of study so that you can have an idea of how a thesis statement is written.


Also, you need to know about the characteristics of a good thesis statement and pattern the one that you will be writing after that. Thus, your thesis supervisor would have enough information to go by to help them decide whether your subject and the initial materials that you have is feasible and the premise is enough to go by.



Thesis Characteristics


Here are some of the characteristics of a good definition of disertation and thesis that you can use as a basis when writing one.


First, a good paper takes a stand on a particular issue or subject. The stand that you will take on an issue will usually be reflected on the conclusion of your thesis, and the body of the research will show facts and evidence to support this conclusion.


The second characteristic of a good paper is being specific and the study should evolve on one main theme only. Just consider how vague and ineffectual a thesis about 'The effects of population growth' will be.



Good Thesis Statement


If this is the main topic and the concept by which your thesis will be based on, a lot of questions will arise. What effects are you referring to? Is it a positive or negative effect? Which areas of society are most affected with the effects of population growth? To eliminate these questions during your presentation of the thesis proposal, you need to choose a specific area that you can discuss in detail, instead of being vague about the facts that you will gather.


In writing a good paper, you should also consider what the initial reaction of a reader will be upon reading your thesis statement. Read it to a friend and ask about their opinion. If they look confused or bored with the topic, then it means that you need to revise it and make it more interesting.


A 'confusing' thesis statement could mean that the topic is too vague, that the readers would not know what to expect because you are touching on too broad an area. A 'boring' thesis statement could simply mean that 'I've heard that before," or "Not that again!". By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can easily come up with a good paper and take the first step towards finishing your dissertation paper.